Archiving & Security

Pixel Perfect provides a safe and secure system for preserving email communications in a format that can be digitally stored, indexed, searched and retrieved on demand.

e-Purifier Product Matrix

Lite, Enterprise & Advanced Threat Protection
  • Geographical redundant locations for secure data centres
  • 24/7/365 Premium Support Services included
  • Installation included
  • Multiple load balanced connections
  • 100% Anti-Malware protection – including zero-hour protection
  • 99% Anti-Spam with 0.0001% false positives
  • Pure cloud solution – no specific client hardware requirements
  • A single web-based Administration Console for all email services
  • Active Directory integration – including Azure
  • Secure logins for administrators and end users
  • Policies per group or individual users or domain
  • Existing AD policies transferred through LDAP integration
  • Multiple Admin log-ins with flexible access rights
  • Logs for auditing purposes available
  • Historical usage data available for download
  • Scheduled or on demand reports
  • Report data for past 24 hours, 7 days, 30 days and 60 days includes
  • Portal access – Dashboard
  • Alerts provided by SMS, email or telephonic
  • Scalable email Gateway
  • Delivery to multiple geographical locations for a single client
  • Failover built into mail delivery if DR is set-up on client side
  • Encrypted transmission of emails
Product Support

In need of Product Support?

Please feel free to contact us by logging a ticket, giving us a call, dropping an email or contacting our WhatsApp support line. We will arrange for a representative to get in touch with you ASAP.