Privacy Policy

1. Introduction

We uphold your privacy in high regard and are dedicated to upholding the security of personal data and information. This policy elucidates how we gather, store, utilize, and secure data that can be linked to you or another individual, either natural or legal, enabling identification (referred to as personal data or information).

2. Audience

This policy applies to you if you are:

  • a visitor to our website;
  • a prospect who contacts us by phone or email; or
  • a customer who has ordered the goods or services that we provide.

3. Personal data | information

3.1. Personal data | information includes:
  • Data we automatically collect upon your website visit
  • Data acquired during registration (outlined below)
  • Data gathered upon submission
  • Voluntarily provided optional information (specified below)

3.2. Personal data | information excludes:
  • Data made anonymous to prevent individual identification
  • Permanently de-identified information not traceable to you
  • Non-personal statistical information compiled by us
  • Data voluntarily disclosed in open, public spaces like forums, blogs, or chat rooms. Such data loses confidentiality and doesn't fall under protection in this policy

3.2.1. Common examples

Common examples of the types of personal data | information which we may collect and process include your:

  • Identifying information like name, birthdate, or identification number
  • Contact information, such as phone number or email address
  • Address details, whether physical or postal

3.2.2. Sensitive personal data | information

Depending on your requested goods or services, we may collect sensitive personal data or information, such as bank account details.

4. Acceptance

4.1. Acceptance required

By reaching out through various communication channels (phone, email, website), placing orders, or using our goods/services, you agree to all the terms of this policy. If you disagree, refrain from using our website, goods, or services.

4.2. Legal capacity

You may not access our website to order our goods or services if you are younger than 18 years old or do not have legal capacity to conclude legally binding contracts.

4.3. Deemed acceptance

Accepting this policy implies understanding, agreement, and consent to adhere to its terms.

4.4 Your obligations

Only provide personal data or information with proper authorization from yourself or the relevant data subject.

5. Changes

We may revise this policy's terms at any time by updating this web page. Notification of changes will occur through prominent website display or email. Continued use of the website or our goods/services post-change equates to accepting the updated terms.

6. Collection

6.1. On registration

After registering on our website and CRM system, your anonymity diminishes.

This personal data | information may include:

  • Your Name and Surname
  • Email address
  • Telephone number
  • Company Details: Name, Registration Number, VAT Number
  • Address: your postal address or street address
  • Ssername and Password

This data facilitates account management, service provision, and other relevant purposes.

6.2. When you contact us

Contacting us may involve voluntary provision of:

  • Your Name and Surname
  • Email address
  • Telephone number

This information, stored automatically, is used for service enhancement and other outlined purposes.

6.3. On order

Ordering goods or services requires additional voluntary information (goods information or services information).

6.4. For Resellers

Resellers must provide voluntary information (services information).

6.5. Through Browsers

We receive and record Internet usage information via server logs, including IP address, browsing behavior, click patterns, and more.

Please note that other websites visited before entering our website might place personal data | information within your URL during a visit to it, and we have no control over such websites. Accordingly, a subsequent website that collects URL information may log some personal data | information.

6.6. Cookies

Please refer to our Cookie Policy for details on how we handle cookies.

6.7. Third party cookies

Our partners' cookies or widgets may be on our website, governed by their privacy policies.

6.8. Web beacons

Electronic image requests on our website may count page views and access cookies, without collecting personal data. This information helps compile anonymous data.

6.9. Optional details

Voluntary provision of additional information includes uploaded or downloaded content, competition entries, survey responses, or use of optional website features.

6.10. Recording calls

We may record telephone calls and delete recordings upon request.

6.11. Purpose for collection

We gather and process goods information, services information, or optional information for various purposes, such as service provision, marketing, business planning, and legal compliance.

Processing includes gathering your personal data | information, disclosing it, and combining it with other personal data | information. We generally collect and process your personal data | information for various purposes, including:

  • goods purposes – such as collecting orders for, supplying, and supporting our goods;
  • services purposes – such as providing our services;
  • marketing purposes – such as pursuing lawful related marketing activities;
  • business purposes – such as internal audit, accounting, business planning, and joint ventures, disposals of business, or other proposed and actual transactions; and
  • legal purposes – such as handling claims, complying with regulations, or pursuing good governance.

We may use your usage information for the purposes described above and to:

  • remember your information so that you will not have to re-enter it during your visit or the next time you access the website;
  • monitor website usage metrics such as total number of visitors and pages accessed; and
  • track your entries, submissions, and status in any promotions or other activities in connection with your usage of the website.

6.12. Consent to collection

Personal data collection requires your consent, in line with applicable laws, during registration or provision of optional information.

We will obtain your consent to collect personal data | information:

  • in accordance with applicable law;
  • when you provide us with any registration information or optional information.

7. Privacy by design

We incorporate privacy and data protection principles into new products or activities involving personal data processing.

8. Use

8.1. Our Commitments

We use your personal data to fulfill our obligations to you.

8.2. Messages and updates

Administrative messages and email updates about our service may include promotional content. You can opt-out of promotional messages.

8.3. Targeted content

While logged in, targeted advertisements and relevant content may appear based on your personal data, automated for privacy. We don't share data with advertisers, unless consented.

9. Disclosure

9.1. Sharing

We may share your personal data | information with:

  • Affiliated companies for joint content/services
  • Affiliates adhering to this privacy policy
  • Goods suppliers/service providers for specified purposes
  • Credit bureaus or banking partners as per legal requirements
  • Relevant third parties for services

9.2. Regulators

We disclose personal data as required by law or audit.

9.3. Law enforcement

Personal data may be disclosed to comply with subpoenas, laws, protect safety, or prevent violations.

9.4. No selling

We don't sell personal data; it's disclosed as stated in this policy.

9.5. Marketing purposes

Aggregate statistics about personal data may be shared with advertisers or partners.

9.6. Employees

Employees requiring personal data for their roles will have signed confidentiality agreements.

9.7. Change of ownership

In case of ownership change, we may transfer data, notifying users.

9.8. Unauthorised disclosure

We're not liable for third-party unauthorized disclosure.

10. Security

We prioritize personal data security, employing technical and organizational measures. Our secure server environment, firewall, and other safeguards protect data. Employees with access sign non-disclosure agreements.

11. Accurate and up to date

We strive for accurate, up-to-date personal data. You can review/update data via account access or email. Identity verification is essential for corrections. You retain the right to rectify incorrect data.

12. Retention

We retain data as long as needed for the defined purposes, per law or consent. During retention, we comply with non-disclosure obligations.

13. Transfer to another country

We may transfer and process data outside its collection country, with consent.

14. Updating or removing

You can update/correct data by contacting us via email or the website. You can also request data removal.

15. Restriction of processing

You can request restricting personal data use, allowing storage but not use.

16. Data portability

Upon request, we facilitate transferring data to another Data Controller or Responsible Party.

17. Data breaches

We will notify our customers of any confirmed data breaches that have occurred. It is our customers’ responsibility to notify relevant supervisory authority and any affected data subjects of the data breach.

18. Limitation

We are not responsible for, give no warranties, nor make any representations in respect of the privacy policies or practices of linked or any third-party websites.

19. Enquiries

If you have any questions or concerns arising from this Privacy Policy, please contact us on [email protected]