How to set up an email in Thunderbird


This guide takes you step-by-step through the process of setting up a new email account in Thunderbird.

If the Mail account is already set up, but giving errors – then refer to our Troubleshooting guide.

Note: This guide defaults to IMAP and No SSL.

Replace with your domain name


♦ Automatic Account configuration

A new email account setup with Thunderbird is quick and easy using Automatic Account configuration.

However, reasons to rather use Manual Configuration are:

  • if you prefer POP, as this automatic configuration defaults to IMAP
  • if this is a new hosting account and domain propagation has not completed


  1. Launch Mozilla Thunderbird
  2. Choose Create a new account > Email

    Thunderbird email setup


  3. Choose Skip this and use my existing emailthnderbird mac skip

    Mail Account Setup

  4. Enter the following details:
    • Your Name (which will appear in the “From” field in your emails)
    • Email address
    • Password 
    • > Continue


  5. Thunderbird will now automatically check your email settings. Ignore this warning message, tick and choose Done thunderbird mac warning
  6. If your settings are found, then your setup is complete and you can press Done.If your settings are not found, click the Manual config button and continue as below


    ♦ Manual configuration

    Follow the Automatic configuration above, and then choose Manual config.

  7. Ensure that your settings are correct as below (these are the default settings – replacing with your own name and domain).
    • Choose POP or IMAP
      • IMAP: Incoming port 143, Outgoing 587 (as below)
      • POP : Incoming 110, Outgoing 587
    • Ensure that the Username is the full email address.
    • For new hosting accounts, temporarily use the IP address instead of the Incoming & Outgoing mail servers.
    • SSL is None
    • Authentication is Normal password.


  8. Click Done. Your email setup is complete.