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Newsletters & Surveys

Easy to Manage Lists

Upload and manage your user databases with ease. You have the ability to create and name groups, segment and filter recipient databases and more.


Proofing allows you to check you spam score, proof your newsletters and check the validity of links by the simple click of a button.

Added Tools

We provide free, simple to use survey tools, helping you getting to know your audience better, with social media tools assisting you with sharing on any social network.

User Friendly

With its user friendly, hassle free and convenient interface, our system can be used on various platforms, such as Mac, Windows and Linux.


Drag and Drop Builder

Our convenient drag-and-drop builder makes it easy to design your newsletter. You can import templates from additional programs, customize them and launch your Newsletter via our API or Web Portal.

Real-Time Response

View the real-time response to your newsletter campaign online, extract reports for further offline analysis or schedule newsletter reports.

Opt-In / Out

We provide you with an Opt-In/Out feature, allowing users with a simple way to subscribe or unsubscribe and thus honouring standard legal requirements.

Why Bulk Mail - Newsletter & Surveys

Bulk e-mail marketing platforms act as a powerful medium in the marketing arena. With the click of a button, you can instantly reach an enormous amount of people anywhere in the world with your newsletter, survey or special offers. Email marketing  offers an affordable way to gain new customers, build repeat business, and enhance your company’s brand. The advantages of bulk email marketing vastly outweigh the majority of traditional and newfound media marketing techniques, due to its higher return of investment. Thus, making it one of the world’s leading platforms for driving sales, generating news leads and measuring customer loyalty and satisfaction.


Our Bulk Mail System, with its intuitive user interface, makes it easy for anyone to create HTML newsletters from templates or even produce creative, custom built newsletters from scratch. Every account comes with a full set of features to simplify the way you communicate with your customers. These features are designed keeping everyone in mind, so while they will greatly assist you with your marketing, they won’t require any technical savvy.

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Manage & Create E-Mails with a single, integrated platform

Create personalized newsletters and marketing emails and distribute them to your databases via our API or Cloud Portal.

Bulk Mail 3

Increase your open rates with E-Mail Validation Service

Email Validation service helps businesses verify subscribers’ email addresses and ultimately leads to increased open rates by getting emails delivered to the right inboxes.

Some of Our Newsletter Samples

  • Airvent Newsletter
  • Bundu Newsletter
  • Entin Newsletter
  • ITS Solar Newsletter
  • Orange Projects Newsletter
  • Landscape Newsletter
  • Grand Diamonds
  • Mellasat

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