Exchange 2010

  • Make sure that the following components are installed in MS Exchange 2010 (open MS Exchange 2010 management console for this):
    • Mailbox Role
    • Client Access Role
    • Hub Transport Role
  • Right-click the container Hub Transport and select the item New Send Connections:


  • Specify a smart host name, choose type Custom and click Next:


  • Type * in the field Address, leave the default Cost value (1). Check the option Include all subdomains and click OK:


  • Select the option Route mail through the following smart hosts and type in the Pixel Perfect servers address as indicated by the sales person or technical support. Click Next:


  • Select “Basic Authentication” and complete with a username and password (this will be provided at the beginning of your set up.)


  • Select your Hub Transport server and click Next.
  • Verify the created smart host configuration. Click New if it is correct.
  • Click Finish when you are through with creating the smart host.

In the result, management console tab Send Connectors should contain the created smart host as Enabled:



You may now begin sending branded emails!