Exchange 2003

Guide to setup an SMTP connector with Delivery restrictions for specific users

Step 1

  • Open system manager.
  • Expand Administrative groups>First Administrative groups > Routing groups > First routing groups.
  • Right click on connector and select new > SMTP connector as shown below.


Step 2

After creating a new SMTP connector a new window should appear. Enter the name by which you wish to identify the connector  in the red box below.


Step 3

Select the Bridgehead server (the server which will route all emails through the connector) This can be done by click on the “Add” button as indicated by the red box in the screenshot below.

This will open a new window with a selection of SMTP virtual servers available to the connector. (This is affected by which routing group or organization the Exchange server is in.)


Step 4

  • Click on the Address space tab. This will give the new options shown in the screenshot below.
  • Add an address space by clicking on Add.
  • Select type = SMTP. Address should be “*”.

The connector will cause any email for the bridgehead servers you selected above to be sent to an external address.


Step 5

If all mail from your server will brand via Pixel Perfect, skip this step.
If the system should only brand mail from selected users, enable delivery restrictions via the registry.

  • Go to Start >> Run and type regedit to open the registry editor.
  • In the navigation pane select the following key:
  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/System/CurrentControlSet/Services/RESvc/Parameters/
  • Add the following registry value
    • Value Name: CheckConnectorRestrictions
    •  Data Type: REG_DWORD
    • Date: 1
    • Radix: Hexadecimal
  • Exit registry editor by selecting Exit from the registry menu.

To restrict the people that can use this connector click on Delivery Restrictions tab as shown below.
Ensure that the radio button for Rejected is selected. (This means that it will reject access to everyone except the ones specified in the accept list)
To add Active directory users to the accept list click the “Add” button  located in the white box entitled “accept messages from:” Add the AD users you wish to access this connector.


Step 6

Return to the General tab – and ensure that the radio button for “Forward all mail thought this connector to the following smart hosts” is selected.

Remember that when using an IP address it must be enclosed in square brackets. e.g. – []


Step 7

If you have more than one SMTP connector, you must ensure that the Pixel Perfect connector has a lower cost  so that the rule is triggered first.

  • Edit the cost setting by going to the connector properties and edit the cost under the “Address space” tab.
  • Restart the following services on your Exchange server to finalize the changes:
    • Microsoft Exchange MTA Stacks (MSExchangeMTA)
    •  Microsoft Exchange Routing Engine (RESvc)
    • Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTPSVC)