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Email Branding Cape Town

Signature Elements

The signature component within your emails is the information hub, and apart from containing the obvious and essential business card details there are various other elements that can be incorporated / activated, using your signature

Banner Management

Pixel Perfect E-Mail Branding main feature is its multifaceted banner management system. Every time you send an email, your banner will appear when the recipient opens his/her email. Banners are interactive and can click through to web pages, landing pages, downloads or any other linkable online resource.

Rotational Banners

The E-Mail Branding system has the ability to deliver a different banner with every email you send. You choose which banners you want to associate with your emails and the system chronologically assigns a different banner each time you send an email.

Banner Assignment By Recipient

The E-Mail Branding rule sets also allow for assignment by recipient. Thus you are able to assign a specific banner to any recipient or even a specific domain.

Schedule Your Campaigns

Banners can be scheduled in advance and you’ll never again forget special days, public holidays or religious events. Schedule the banners to run in advance or concurrent with current or upcoming specials, events and product launches.

Differentiate With Banners

Pixel Perfect E-Mail Branding allows for different campaigns to be implemented for relevant subsets of email senders, resulting in targeted and relevant marketing from these groups.

Some of Our Email Branding Samples

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