e-Purifier Product Matrix

Lite, Enterprise & Advanced Threat Protection

e-Purifier FeaturesLiteEnterpriseATP
Scan and Define ActionsIP Reputation Lookup
Suspected Spam
URL Reputation Filtering
TLS delivery on Inbound
TLS delivery on Outbound - New!
DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) - New!
SPF Hard Failure
SPF Soft Failure
Domain Message Authentication Reporting & Conformance (DMARC) - New!
Recipient ValidationReject mails destined for addresses that do not exist on the mail server
Manual or Automatic setup, using LDAP Directory Integration
Custom Address List per Group PolicyBlacklisting
Global Whitelist
End User Black- and Whitelists - New for Lite!
Custom NotificationsDomain Administrators
Internal Recipients
Internal Senders
Daily Mail Digest - New!
End User Maintenance
Filter by typeSet up custom text lists for words/phrases to be blocked - New for Lite!
Executable ; Document ; Sound ; Video ; Image ; Unscannable for Malware
Set per mail size limit
Suspected virus
Encrypted attachments
URL redirecting - New!
Marketing emails - New!
Newsletters - New!
Content-based Filtering
Mail redirection
DLPPolicies creeated by administrator with further customization possible via Securicom Support
DisclaimersApplied per Group Policy to all outgoing email messages
Impersonation protectionDomain verification - New!
Header address verification - New!
Spoofing emails - New!
e-Purifier ATP powered by Gate Scanner ®Multi AV scanning - New!
Scan unwanted/unsafe applications - New!
Zero day threat scan / Heuristic Scanning - New!
True file type detection - New!
Multi suffix detection - New!
Embedded file detection and disarming- New!
Certificate validation - digital signature checking (Cert, Root and CA) - New!
Mail deconstruction - New!
Disarming - New!
Attachment - URL disarming - New!
File conversion - New!
Advanced DLP - New!
Deep scans in archived files - New!
Remove URL's - New!
Disable URL's - New!
Rewrite URL's - New!
Outbound read-only attachments - file conversion to PDF - New!

e-Purifier Product Matrix

Lite, Enterprise & Advanced Threat Protection

Geographical redundant locations for secure data centres

24/7/365 Premium Support Services included

Installation included

Multiple load balanced connections

100% Anti-Malware protection – including zero-hour protection

99% Anti-Spam with 0.0001% false positives

Pure cloud solution – no specific client hardware requirements

A single web-based Administration Console for all email services

Active Directory integration – including Azure

Secure logins for administrators and end users

Policies per group or individual users or domain

Existing AD policies transferred through LDAP integration

Multiple Admin log-ins with flexible access rights

Logs for auditing purposes available

Historical usage data available for download

Scheduled or on demand reports

Report data for past 24 hours, 7 days, 30 days and 60 days includes

Portal access – Dashboard

Alerts provided by SMS, email or telephonic

Scalable email Gateway

Delivery to multiple geographical locations for a single client

Failover built into mail delivery if DR is set-up on client side

Encrypted transmission of emails

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