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Brand Management Cape Town

Know Your Brand

Knowing your brand – who you are and what you stand for; identifying your core values and vision and ensuring cohesiveness & unity across all platforms is vital. We can provide you with the necessary tools to do so by creating and setting up the necessary guidelines to assist you.

Marketing Surveys

Marketing naturally goes hand in hand with Brand Management. Marketing creates a consistent presence in the community, focusing on the appearance of your brand, message that you are trying to send, products and services that you offer and much more. Marketing campaigns are crucial for spreading your brand awareness, perfect garnering interest and converting interest into revenue.

Brand Consistency

Brand consistency is key to the ultimate success of your brand. It is important to stay up to date and incorporate new, fresh ideas - however, you need to implement them without causing any damage to your brand. We can assist you by making sure the correct measures are being taken and strict principles are being followed to ensure brand authenticity.

Brand Auditing

Brand Auditing is essential for every business. Pixel Perfect offers the service of auditing your brand – analyzing your current brands status and making sure your brand is presentable, consistent and accurate. We provide you with a full, detailed report upon completion.

Measure the Effectiveness

The key to measure the effectiveness of your strategies is to focus on your ROI (return of investment). Pixel Perfect can help you understand which metrics and figures are important and how they affect your brand.


Surveys are extremely useful in order to gather information for ideas, campaigns and strategies related to online and social media marketing. We also implement surveys to measure positive and negative responses, in order to see where improvements can be made to client satisfaction.

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