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The advantages of a secure website

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It is 2021. Even more importantly, technological advancements have exploded, catapulting us into a new era of online presence. Almost everything can be done online today, from working remotely, obtaining a degree and meeting new people…. To shopping for your monthly groceries (or pretty much anything else for that matter), paying your monthly utilities or bills, entertainment (such as watching movies, listening to music, reading a book), gaming and much more. Each and every single one of the above-mentioned options are offered via various websites, with many……MANY different websites to choose from. The problem is, not all websites might be what they appear to be.


Some sites may be promising a level of security that they cannot live up to, risking the theft of your personal information such as credit card information or other sensitive data. Some sites copy the look and feel of verified, secure and prominent sites, hoping that customers will get tricked into logging into the incorrect site, therefore accidentally exposing their secure data and log in information. Either way, unsecured websites are extremely risky, putting you in danger of contracting a virus, having your pc hardware used for mining purposes (without your knowledge), being tracked, personal information being leaked or stolen and much more.


What makes a website secure? Various things can be done in order to ensure that your website is safe and secure, such as:


  • Keep Software Plug-Ins up to date
  • Add HTTPS and an SSL Certificate
  • Enforce a strong password policy
  • Use a secure and reputable website host
  • Restrict User Access and Administrative Privileges
  • Often back up your website
  • Apply for a Web Application Firewall
  • DDoS protection


One of the most important questions that a lot of users ask, however, is the following – What are the collective advantages of a secure website? Look no further, we would love to explain!


Search Engine Optimisation Improvement

Search Engines, such as Google, values trust and has taken significant strides in order to give the upper hand to HTTPS-enabled and secure websites, playing a big part pertaining to your Google ranking. Google implemented several incentives and penalties, aiming at encouraging web developers and website owners to enable HTTPS which assists with boosting a positive ranking signal.


Increased Customer Traffic

Web browsers, such as Google Chrome, give viewing priority and offer improved rankings to a secure site. As your Search Engine rankings improve, you become more visible online with more potential customers coming across your website. This gives you a clear advantage over competitors with a less secure website.


More sale conversions

Secure website has the ability to single handedly drive sales and improve conversions. A big percentage of potential shoppers prefer to abandon their carts (online transactions) because they didn’t trust a certain site. If your viewers and visitors know that your site is trusted and safe, they are more likely to stay, shop and complete their transactions, while returning in the future as a repeat customer. A trusted site will also encourage visitors to trust you with personal, sensitive data such as payment details


Builds confidence and authenticity

Having the SSL padlock (representing an active SSL Certificate) and various accredited compliance checks on your site, shows your visitors that you take your site security seriously, therefore also investing in the safeguarding of their valuable data. It also proves that your site is authentic and not a phishing attempt, inspiring greater visitor confidence.


Enhanced Data Protection

An SSL Certificate’s core function is to protect client information on your server – encrypting any and all information. When dealing with important personal data such as IDs, passwords and card numbers, SSL helps you protect your data against hackers.

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