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Why is my website failing

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In the digital era that we find ourselves today, it has become very apparent that online presence is KEY to the success of almost any business.


Long gone are the times where we could merely hand some flyers out at the intersection, pop a leaflet into a mailbox and depend on family and friends to spread the word around that your business is the best possible solution to any product and service needs. Not even actively posting and interacting on social media is enough to rely on when it comes to putting yourself out there.


The best solution? A website. An authentic and legitimate online presence with all the necessary information that potential customers might need – i.e., pictures, products, services, availability, pricing and much more!


So, you decide to jump in, you spend time, money, resources and effort to make sure you have the perfect website. You finally launched your newly designed website. You wait a few days, full of excitement regarding all the potential customers that are about to come streaming in…and after a while eventually realize that no one is actually visiting.


Naturally the first questions that come to mind is: WHY IS IT NOT WORKING?! What am I doing wrong? What else do I need to do? Was it worth it? Did I waste my money? The list is never ending!


If you are in a similar situation, find a few reasons as to why you might be experiencing low traffic on your website:


Poor SEO

Any website needs to be SEO optimized. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results.


It doesn’t matter how good your website content is, if your website is not Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly, you will not show up at the top of the search engines. Check your content to make sure you are using proper language, relevant keywords, link building and creating content that fits your brand.


Lacking Social Media Presence

There is no need to be present on every single social media platform in existence. Simply choose the most popular platforms that are being used for business related purposes – such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Being active on social media helps to build your reputation, earn credibility and gives customers more ways to interact with you.


Your website doesn’t have a blog

Extensive research supports the fact that regularly posting updates and articles, such as blogs, drives more traffic to your site and attracts considerably more leads. The contact does not have to be limited to only your business, but can contain informative snippets about your general industry that attract readers and therefore draw potential eyes and future business to your site. Remember to add visuals and artistic elements to your articles in order to make them stand out and lure interest. The higher the quality of the content that you post, the better the traffic will be.


Slow website

Technology has provided the means to optimize sites immensely and thus most users today are used to sites that load within literal seconds. Loading times, ease of use and optimization have become extremely important in an era where time is valuable and time equals money. Google also uses page loading speed as a ranking factor for search results.


Poorly designed website

One of the most important objectives of a website is to foster interest in your products and services. If you have a poorly designed website that doesn’t look professional, people are going to be wary of you. A good website is a reflection of your business and first impressions are crucial!


Not mobile friendly

Responsive design used to be an option, now it is a necessity of utmost importance. Most people today use mobile devices to browse the internet and do research. If users are going to find it difficult accessing or browsing your website due to poor responsiveness, they are most likely going to leave out of frustration and go to a competitor site.

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