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Do I really need a website?

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It is the year of 2021 and technological advancements have exploded, especially with the unfortunate event of Covid 19. We are well into a digital era, where more than 90% of all customers find information about products and services via an online platform of choice.


Despite the ever-increasing digital transformation taking place, business owners are still asking questions like – Do I really need a website? Is social media not enough for an effective online presence? Why are websites so expensive?


The unfortunate reality that these individuals have to face, is the fact that the internet has become such a common part of our everyday lives that not reaching out to potential customers via every possible platform in this space is a crucial missed opportunity.


Can your business succeed in today’s online era without a website? Yes, however, it will never live up to its full potential. Why? Here are a few things that your busines is missing out on:



One of the first things that people do in order to vet the credibility of any business is to jump onto the internet and do a quick search in order to find their website. Ultimately, a few factors make people decide which company to go with – price, quality and availability… but also authenticity and credibility. The lack of a website already starts to raise questions and doubt, resulting in higher likelihood of a potential customer rather deviating to a competitor.


Competitive edge

Remember, you have multiple competitors in the same field as you, competing for your business. The market is overloaded with similar products and services, making it difficult to stand out above the masses. The lack of a website limits the number of potential audiences reaching your business. A well developed, engaging and responsive website increases your online traffic and drives more visitors to your online platforms.


Customer Satisfaction

A website grants you the opportunity to build a bridge between your business and potential customers, playing a crucial role when it comes to developing customer relations and nursing a direct relationship between yourself and a customer. Active interaction stimulates a deeper connection and level of trust.


Excellent exposure

One of the main advantages of a website is being able to reach potential customers with ease via a strong online visibility, while promoting their business with a professional approach. A large percentage of consumers will research a company online before making an investment decision or a purchase. A website, gives you the critical opportunity to make a lasting first impression, with visitors being able to gain more insight as to who you are as a company and connect on a more personal level.



There is nothing more frustrating to a customer than trying to source information pertaining to a business and not being able to find a credible or accurate source of information. A website helps your customers access information without any hassles. It is the perfect opportunity for them to learn about you, your mission, vision, history and aspirations, while having a complete, accurate and up to date platform for all available products and services.


Let us ask the following question – Do I really need a website?


The answer? Absolutely.


A website is a primary factor in setting your company’s online presence, establishing online marketing strategies for your business to grow, connecting to potential customers, providing authenticity and credibility and providing an informative platform to boost sales and exposure. It is 100% worth the initial investment.

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