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How to manage social media during the holiday season

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We understand that the idea of closing shop for two weeks to go laze around on the beach sometimes feels daunting. It is, none the less, necessary in order to recharge your batteries for the new year. If you have the privilege to rest for a week or two, don’t take your work stress to the beach with you. In today’s blog, we are going to discuss how to manage your social media accounts so that you have one less thing to worry about during your well-deserved break.


There is a tremendous amount of pressure to connect with your audience during the holiday season. That’s when they are in front of their computers with open wallets. ready to buy anything that interests them. People are ready to spend because they are looking for the perfect gifts to put under the Christmas tree for their loved ones, making the pressure that much more for you to perform.


How are you going to make sure they notice your products and services? By using these steps to prepare your social media accounts for holiday marketing:


  1. Get your social calendar ready in advance:


Create a fully developed social media marketing calendar, before the hustle and bustle of the holiday season hits. Utilise the calendar right away – if you don’t, your social media marketing plan will be the first thing to fly out of the window when the silly season starts. Schedule your posts well in advance to go live at peak posting times. This will help you to achieve optimal engagement on your posts, without having to post it yourself manually.


Create strong marketing campaigns and coordinate them across a variety of social media platforms. Showcase your products in multiple different ways by doing in-feed posts as well as featuring products on your stories.


  1. Get your ads approved ahead of time:


Social media ads is a quick and easy way to increase your sales during the holiday season. Therefore you need to get your ad campaigns approved ahead of time. Create them as soon as possible and send them for approval. Once your campaigns have been approved, remember to schedule the start and end dates of your ad campaigns – most social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram ads have this feature.


  1. Budget to spend more on social ads:


Prepare yourself for how much the new advertisements are going to cost. More businesses are competing to place their products in front of consumers during the holiday seasons. More advertisers are coming to the marketplace, and they are all willing to put in high bids to secure their valuable placements. Rise your request as high as possible, and set your Facebook and Instagram bid cap. This will ensure that your sponsored advertisements have a fighting chance to appear in front of the right audience during the holiday madness.


You can also consider posting teaser sales and new products well in advance. This will get your audience excited about events and big promotions that you have coming up.


We hope that these tips have been insightful and that it will help you to successfully manage your social media pages during the upcoming holiday season.


If you need any extra assistance in running unique holiday campaigns on your social media platforms, contact us today to see how we can help you.

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