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Word of mouth marketing

Why word of mouth marketing is still relevant

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Word of mouth marketing is probably the easiest way to spread the word about your business’s products or services. Therefore, we decided to dedicate today’s blog to sharing some insightful tips on how to optimize your word of mouth marketing.


Do you remember the last time you had an extraordinary experience? You were most likely bursting to tell your friends and family. Perhaps, you even shared about your experience on your Twitter account. Without even realizing it, you were a product of word of mouth marketing.


Word of mouth is an organic way of spreading information, using components of viral marketing. Word of mouth marketing occurs when businesses motivate their customers to talk about their products or services spontaneously. Word of mouth marketing becomes a potent tool when your customers are willing to put their credibility on the line to vouch for the quality of your products; not to mention the fact that it is a free form of advertisement.


Here’s why word of mouth marketing is not only relevant but also significant to incorporate into your business’s marketing:


One happy customer can reach thousands of potential buyers within a matter of seconds due to modern-day technology. Communication on social media platforms are not only spontaneous, but they have the potential to go viral within a matter of minutes.


Word of mouth marketing all comes down to one word: trust. Individuals trust other people and the experiences they report. This means that they are more likely to interact with your brand if a friend told them about it, or if one of your existing clients had something positive to say about your products.


We want to go so far as to say that word of mouth marketing is the most valuable form of marketing. Consumers trust what their friends have to say, and WOM doesn’t die down after just one interaction; it’s like a never-ending chain reaction. One person tells another, and then that person tells someone else too. So the cycle continues.


There is no better way for a business to spread the word about their products or services. Statistics show that potential customers trust the opinion of their friends and family more than they trust advertisements. Therefore, we have concluded that WOM is extremely valuable to the success of your business.


If you would like people to start talking about your business more naturally, begin by connecting and not collecting customers. The goal is to gather real fans and supporters. Your fans are more likely to spread the word about your business if they are genuinely passionate about your product and services.

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