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How to promote your content on linkedin

How to promote your content on LinkedIn

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LinkedIn is considered to be a highly influential online platform. Unlike the Facebook family of apps and other online platforms, LinkedIn is aimed more at the professional industry.


Individuals and businesses use LinkedIn for networking purposes. It is also the perfect platform to attract clients and promote your content. Even though LinkedIn is a bit smaller than some other social media platforms, it can drive more traffic to your website because you have a more targeted following than on other social media platforms.


If you incorporate having a well-maintained LinkedIn profile to your content marketing strategy, you are guaranteed to reap the fruits thereof.


Managing yet another social media account may sound overwhelming to you, if it does, then you need to continue reading. Here are some helpful tips on how to promote your content on LinkedIn.


  1. Create a LinkedIn Company profile



By creating a company profile on LinkedIn, you provide potential customers with the opportunity to learn more about you. You can use this as a platform to introduce your staff members to the public.


Having a company profile is the first step to content marketing success on LinkedIn. Company pages are free and available to anyone. If you want to use LinkedIn to your advantage, then creating a company profile is a big leap in the right direction.


  1. Post regularly



It is advisable to update your status on LinkedIn at least once a day. Posting more than once a day might be a bit too much, so keep it to one post per day.


If you post during the morning, more people are likely to engage with your post. Adding images or videos to your posts can increase the number of shares of your posts with up to 75%.


  1. Post on Pulse



‘Articles’ and ‘status updates’ are not the same thing on LinkedIn, so be careful not to mistake the one for the other. Articles need to be at least 400 words, and it has to provide the reader with your professional insight. Status updates are short snippets with relevant images and links attached to it.


  1. Write long content



You can repost previous blog content to LinkedIn. However, it is advised that you change the heading and make some minor edits. Be wary of reposting to many of your blogs; write some fresh content for your LinkedIn profile instead.


  1. Know your audience


What are the goals you want to achieve through content marketing on LinkedIn? Do you want to generate leads, or raise brand awareness? You possibly have a list of goals in mind.


If you know what you want to achieve on LinkedIn, you can start defining your target market, and once you know who they are, you can create compelling content that resonates with them and drives them to engage with your brand.


  1. Sponsor your content


You can sponsor some of your content at an additional cost. This may seem like a last resort, because of the extra expense, but the chances are that engagement on sponsored content will skyrocket.


You are likely to gain more followers through sponsored content because it puts your company profile in front of a broader audience. LinkedIn also has a set of comprehensive targeting options that you can use to reach a more targeted audience.

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