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Digital marketing mistakes to avoid

Digital marketing mistakes to avoid

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It’s time to re-asses your digital marketing strategies. 2020 is well on its way, and you don’t want to be left in the dust, especially not when it comes to your businesses marketing strategy. There is no better time to reevaluate your approach to make sure that your marketing strategies are up to date and relevant.


It’s also critical to assess whether you are still on track. More often than not, marketers make fundamental mistakes when they start with their marketing campaigns, setting the company up for failure from the get-go.


Being aware of the fatal digital marketing mistakes can help you to avoid them altogether. With that in mind, we compiled together some common mistakes business owners make when they engage with digital marketing.


  1. Failing to set goals:


Why do you want to be on “all the social media pages”? Just because someone else is doing it doesn’t mean it’s going to be beneficial for your business.


Before you jump into digital marketing head first, you need to establish what you want to achieve through it. Without set goals, you will end up being all over the place, with little engagement to show for it.


Once you have clear goals in mind, you can identify which social media platforms will be most useful to run your campaigns on.


  1. Not knowing who your target audience is:


Knowing who is interested in your service or product shouldn’t be a guessing game. Making assumptions about what your target audience looks like can be a costly mistake; it’s also fairly easy to avoid it.


The web has tons of analytics that are freely available to you, so when it comes to knowing your audience, there is no excuse. Your business’s marketing campaigns will be so much more successful if it is based on profoundly knowing and engaging with your target audience.


The more you dive into the right analytics, the easier it becomes to create marketing content that resonates with the specific group of people you want to grab hold of.


  1. Not paying attention to your analytics:


Don’t go into your marketing campaign with the mentality of “set it and forget it”. Campaigns require your constant attention; you need to maintain and oversee your content regularly to measure your performance.


Pay attention to macro trends and focus on the whole picture. You might find that a specific social media page drives the most traffic, but is not providing any quality leads. In this example, just looking at the traffic won’t give you a holistic view of the page performance.


  1. Not giving marketing strategies enough time to produce results:


Don’t pull out of your campaign just because you don’t see the results you thought you would have overnight. We are so used to things happening instantly that it is easy to become discouraged if your campaign isn’t performing exceptionally after a day or two.


It’s important to remember that, while the digital world is moving rapidly, your target market is still human, and people take time to become truly engaged with a brand. Algorithms might even cause people not to see your content at first.


Just be consistent in your marketing, even if it might not seem rewarding at first. It takes a few points of exposure for potential customers to start engaging with you on social platforms.


I understand that it might be tempted to jump onto all the latest social media platforms, but it is advisable to stick to the one’s that your target audience is most active on. Reach out to them by creating relevant content . You do this by compiling research and analysing data.


Are you interested in taking your business’s marketing strategy to the next level? Beyond following the tips provided In this blog, you can *contact our social media specialist* today to see how we can help.

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