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Improve the time users spend on your site

How to increase the amount of time users spend on your website

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Did you know that low session duration increases your websites bounce rates? It also impacts your conversions negatively. Therefore, the longer users visit your site, the better. Users will become more interested in your brand when they spend more extended periods on your website. If your brand catches their eye, they are likely to purchase from you. Therefore, you need to monitor your analytics regularly and continuously concentrate on improving your metrics.


In the following blog, we will share some insightful tips on how to capture the attention of website visitors and make them stay for a while.


  1. Tidy up your design:


It only takes a few seconds for website visitors to decide whether they want to stay on your site or leave it. You, therefore, have a tiny window in which you need to compel them to stay – Having a clean, neat site is the best way to do so.


Make sure that visitors see the relevant content of your website first. If users don’t see anything useful when they land on your page, they aren’t going to search through piles of material to look for it, and will simply leave.


Your website also needs to be clutter-free and easy for visitors to view. A simple website with fewer things to look at is likely to keep visitors focused on your site for longer.


  1. Improve readability on your webpages:


I’m sure that you have come across websites before that looks promising, but are nearly impossible to read. Instead of squinting your eyes and focusing on the illegible letters on your screen, you end up leaving the site instead.


Make sure that all the pages on your website are legible on various screen types and devices. The font size should be big enough to see clearly, but not too big. Otherwise, visitors end up scrolling unnecessarily.


Avoid long paragraphs by breaking it into chewable chunks instead. Use multiple sections, headings and bullet points. Don’t be scared to use white space; if white space is used well, it works to your advantage.


  1. Use high quality images:


Remember that your website visitors are actual human beings, and humans love looking at pictures; it appeals to them much more than text fragments. Images are the most engaging form of content on the entire internet. Therefore, it is statistically proven that the most popular websites are the ones that use full-screen background images on their landing pages.


  1. Create a more interactive experience by adding videos:


Globally, more than a million hours’ worth of videos gets viewed on YouTube daily. If this isn’t enough to convince you that users are absolutely obsessed with videos, we don’t know what will.


Video content is a handy and engaging form of content. Having videos on your webpages will instantly boost engagement rates. It also goes without saying that users will spend more time on your website when they end up watching a video on it.


  1. Add comment worthy content:


Since the birth of blogs, that became popular in the modern-day, comments were used as a filter for user engagement. Having a comment section on your website is easy to implement; in fact, most website builders have built-in comment sections.


Consider how you can convince people to leave a comment on your site. Try asking questions or allow them to share their opinion.


We urge you to think about these things when it comes to designing your website. If you make use of these tips, we guarantee that you will have not only lower bounce rates, but also better conversions and an increase in profit.


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