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How to improve email opening rate

Simple hacks to improve your email opening rate

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In a world where social media has taken over the marketing platform, it is difficult to believe that email marketing still has the highest engagement rates and return on investment. Email marketing is far from dead. However, it is crucial to stand out from the crowd not to get lost in the deep, dark depts of inboxes, or get kicked into the spam folder altogether.   By tracking your opening rates, you can determine whether or not your email marketing efforts are successful. It is safe to say that an email marketing strategy is only successful if your emails get opened in the first place.   Every time you send out a mail to your target audience, you are fighting for valuable inbox attention. There are some simple hacks that you can incorporate into your email marketing strategy to add to the competitiveness of your mails.   Honestly, you can write the most excellent email ever, but if it isn’t captivating enough to draw readers in within the first 3-4 seconds of it landing in their inbox, it will probably never get the time of day it deserved. In the following blog, I’m going to share some essential tips on how to improve your email opening rates.   Here are 5 easy hacks to get people to open your emails:

  1. Improve your subject line:

Steer clear from generic subject lines like “December Newsletter”. If your subject line isn’t creative enough to spark initial curiosity, it is probably not going to cut it.   Take some time to think about your subject line before you hit send. The couple of words that you compile your subject line from are probably the most important lines of your entire email. Make use of call to actions to trigger a response from your readers.

  1. Segment your list:

People are more likely to open your emails if they think that it is relevant to them. You can resonate with your customers by segmenting your email list. Creating segmented email lists will not only increase your open rates; statistics show that it also lowers the amount of unsubscribe rates.   Base your segments on customer behaviour. You can, for example, send different emails to paying customers instead of someone who hasn’t bought anything from you yet. Once you have created some segments, you can send people more specific emails, making it more likely for them to engage with it.

  1. Find the best time to send and be consistent:

Readers are more likely to open your emails on specific days than on others. The easiest way to find out on what days and at what times your emails are being read the most is easy.   Segment your list into 2 or 3 equally sized groups and send the same mail to all three groups on different days and at different times. Launch this test for a couple of different mails and keep an eye out to see which version performs the best.

  1. Avoid spam filters:

Spam filters have evolved over the years, but sometimes it’s still faulty. It’s not impossible for your emails, even those that are excellent, to get stuck in the spam filter, only to get lost in there forever.   If you want to improve your email opening rates, you have to work hard to avoid being flagged as spam.   Some basic principles to prevent your emails from falling into the spam folders are as following; send your emails through valid domains, include your location, including an obvious way for subscribers to unsubscribe from receiving your emails and don’t use deceptive subject lines.

  1. Write amazing content:

You have won the battle if a person opens your mail, right? Does that mean that the content of your email is irrelevant to your opening rates then?   The answer to that question is a loud “NO”! Your email’s content is critical. If a person is satisfied with your email, they are likely to engage with your emails in the future. If your mails resonate with its readers, the chances are good that they are eagerly waiting for your emails.   It’s vital to not write emails just for the sake of writing emails. Every single email that you send out to your list needs to be personalized; it needs to resonate with them and be of real value. If your emails add value to the readers day to day lives, they are likely to become more loyal subscribers, and your open rates will reap the fruits thereof.   Start playing around with these hacks today. Make sure that the content you are sending into the world is rock solid. There is no point in sending emails if no one is interested in reading it. Play around to find out when your emails opening rate are the highest. Write captivating subject lines too!   If you incorporate these tips into your email marketing strategy, you will be astounded by the results!

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