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What to do when web traffic decreases

What to do when your website traffic decreases

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If you are worried about why your website traffic is decreasing and you need a solution (fast), then this blog is for you!


If you have been keeping an eye out on your website’s performance and noticed a drop in visitors over time, that has led to fewer phone calls and less traffic, we advise that it is time for further investigation.


In this blog, we are going to discuss some of the most common causes of traffic drops, and also share insightful solutions to each issue.


First thing’s first: Don’t panic! We are going to help you analyse what’s causing a decrease in your website’s visitors and what you should do about it.



  1. A new algorithm update launched:


This is the most common cause of decreased website traffic. Search engines are continually working on methods to improve the search experience for users to keep them satisfied and increase their loyalty. Therefore, they have regular algorithm updates. Unfortunately, this may affect your website’s ranking in search results, impacting the traffic of your site.


Consider adapting your online strategy to take these updates into account. Try implementing a cross-channel marketing strategy, which helps your company to earn website traffic from a verity of sources.


  1. Your website is HTTP, not HTTPS:


If your website is not secure, you will experience a permanent drop in website traffic. Online security is crucial to transfer user data ( e.g. credit card information) safely.


Search engines have been updated to alert visitors with a full-page notification that the site uses HyperText Transfer Protocol  (HTTPS) and even encourages them to “go back safely” because the website is unsecure. Websites that use HTTP will not only experience fewer traffic than those who use HTTPS but are guaranteed to have fewer sales as well.


Our trustworthy developers will help you to update your website to https quickly and easily.


  1. Your keyword strategy is outdated:


Slowly but surely an outdated keyword strategy can drive your website traffic to the ground. The reason for this is because people and their search habits change. Be sure to be in tune with the latest trends in your industry. If your company doesn’t speak the newest lingo, you are running a severe risk to lose website traffic. If your keywords are outdated, search engines will view your website content as irrelevant, which will lead to lower rankings in search results.


You need to set time apart to update your keywords every now and again. This is an excellent investment because it increases your SEO rankings.


In most cases, restoring website traffic is an enormous, time-sensitive task. Contact us today to see how our experts can assist you with this challenging task. We have the skills and technology to help your company thrive in search engines and have more website traffic than ever.

Fill out the form to receive a full 1-hour FREE consultation, our brand specialists are always eager to to help you.

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