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Social Media Dos & Donts

Social Media do’s and don’ts

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Whether you are looking for ways to improve your social media strategy or you’re just getting started with social media and want to learn more about the unspoken rules thereof, this blog is for you. In the following blog, we are going to explore some critical considerations to keep in mind when you want to improve your marketing performance on social platforms.


Below we share a list of key social media “do’s and don’ts” that professionals live by to improve their marketing strategy significantly.


The do’s The don’ts
Think before you post:
The things you post and topics you engage with on your personal social profiles directly affects what people think of your business. Think carefully about how you react online to posts about hot-button issues. Try to steer clear of commenting impulsively on topics like religion, politics and gender-based issues. Keep in mind that you are representing your company at all times.
Don’t engage with haters, trolls and other negative influences online:

Everyone knows that engaging in heated arguments online is a lost cause. Just control yourself, no matter how heated the commentary might get. If you really feel the need to reply, then do so in a polite, professional way. Getting involved in online disagreements is simply a waste of your time, energy and creativity. Rather use all your resources to build your brand instead of wasting it on online arguments.

Let your voice be heard:
Social Media platforms are perfect for radiating your company’s personality. Shine online by building brand awareness. Once you have established a trustworthy voice for yourself online, clients will become reliant on what you have to say. Share your unique insights and strike up engaging conversations online.
Don’t ignore your followers’ questions, comments and messages:

Your followers might be quick to take offence if you down right ignore their engagements on your social media posts. This is damaging to your brand. Be present online and keep tabs on your online accounts to engage swiftly with your followers.

Be authentic:
Being authentic on social media will show your followers that there are real people behind your brand. This will draw them to your company because they will be able to relate to your brand.
Don’t use AI as a substitute for human interaction:

Don’t use marketing automation as a substitute for person-to-person interaction on social media, even though it saves time. If you don’t genuinely engage with your followers, you will never be able to develop a relationship between them and your company.

Write for your readers:

When you are writing content for your social media pages, think of how it will help your followers and write it in a way that they can easily understand it. It’s not necessary to dumb down your content, just avoid overcomplicating the message you want to get across.

Don’t post without proofreading:

It will reflect poorly on your brand if you post content that is ridden with grammar- and spelling mistakes. Before you publish posts, skim through it again and fix any errors you come across. Sneaky errors can slip by, so read through your content again after you published it.

Set realistic expectations:

Social media can’t grow sales all by itself, no matter how good your strategy is. Social media can build your brand, increase brand awareness and make your business more visible. However, other aspects of your company also impact its growth. Examples of what you should also focus on would be your website’s performance and the quality of your products and services. Pay attention to your business as a whole for your social media efforts to succeed.

Don’t try to be everywhere and do everything:

It’s crucial to remember that not all social media platforms will deliver desirable results. Don’t try to maintain too many different platforms, you will become overwhelmed, and as a result, your social media pages will become watered down and neglected. Stay active only on the accounts that give you the best return on your time and effort.


Sometimes it works best to have a look at how the professional’s approach social media. Adapting their strategies to fit your businesses needs are guaranteed to deliver results.


Try incorporating the do’s and don’ts mentioned above into your social media strategy, who knows what the results might be!

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