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Does your site work for you

Is Your Website Working For You

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To have a website that is beneficial for your company, it needs to generate leads.

A lead is a term used to describe an individual who has the potential of buying your product; It is someone showing interest in what you have to offer. Their interest in your product becomes evident when they are willing to share personal contact information like an email address or cellphone number on an online platform to gather more information about your product.


Turning your website into a lead generating machine is easy, all you need to do is attract consumers, and this will lead to massive amounts of referral traffic.

Generating leads proves that your business is marketed effectively.

Here are three of the top techniques in generating leads effectively.


1. Use long-tail keywords
Long-tail keywords are a group of keywords that determines certain aspects that makes your business different from the rest in its industry. Typically, these words have a more valuable “search intent.” Keywords generally generate less traffic, but the people that type them into search engines are more qualified.
Tools, like Keyword planners can be used to identify new and trending keywords on Google.


2. Social media campaigns
Established relationships get formed on social media between consumers and companies. If you want people to get engaged in a conversation about your product or service, social media is the place to do it on. Having an interactive audience will allow you to determine whom to cater to analytically; this will lead to highly targeted marketing.


3. Prospecting in professional networks
Professional networks are platforms that give you access to information relevant to the business industry. LinkedIn is an example of a professional network. Platforms like these can be used to connect with other professionals in their areas of expertise; this can increase the value of your company. On these platforms, you can prospect leads by implementing segmented searches that focus on your contact’s demographics.


Another way of increasing your website’s popularity is by having referral points implemented. Referral traffic points out the amount of traffic that enters your website through different methods than google; this can be through various social media platforms, review websites, influencer marketing campaigns, video marketing campaigns, etc.…


Generating leads is only successful if your website convinces them to purchase what you have to offer. If you have more leads, then chances are you are going to make more sales.

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