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Tech Trends in 2020

Tech trends 2020 and how to best prepare your business for it

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As we are entering a new decade, it is more important than ever to look to the future for inspiration. Having a business-orientated mindset that incorporates the latest technology is vital to the success of your business.


Staying in the game means staying ahead of it at all times. Start preparing your business for 2020 today. The future is now!


There is no better time to investigate what tech trends are going to be on everyone’s lips in 2020 than right now!


Mobile commerce:
The number of consumers that purchase products from E-commerce stores from their smartphones is drastically growing. Having mobile-friendly E-commerce stores provides consumers immediate access to your business; This allows them to compare prices and buy products wherever they are.


Mobile commerce has been around for a while, and the impact that it has already had on different business industries is phenomenal. With the future in mind, we might wonder what’s next? How about the ability to purchase products at local brick and mortar stores with Apple pay or your Google Wallet?


A world where payments are made without the use of cash or card facilities are not far-fetched at all. Most major Chinese cities have already implemented this principle, and their inhabitants testify that life has been made simpler.


Voice takeover:

Have you ever asked Suri a question? Or spoken to Alexa? The chances are that you interact with these smart speakers regularly.


Statistics prove that searches on Google have significantly improved since the Google Home Smart speaker has been implemented. However, this is just the beginning. A third of all web browsing experiences are predicted to be voice-activated in 2020.


With building an online presence in mind, businesses will have to start thinking about voice optimization and not only keyword optimization.


5G Network:


I know you are just excited as I am about the prospect of streaming your favourite series online at higher speeds than ever before. The world has been holding their breath in anticipation of this life-changing avenue for quite some time and is illegibly scheduled to be launched in 2020.


Incorporating faster internet speeds for gaming online after hours is good and well, but using it from nine to five at the office can benefit your business more than you can ever imagine. Faster internet will lead to a more productive company culture.


High internet speeds will lead to flawless inbound and outbound communication in the corporate world. Video fanatics will feed on the video’s your company puts in front of them, because buffering will be virtually non-existent.


At Pixel Perfect Interactive, we receive the future with open arms. We aspire to prepare our clients for future innovations by considering the future in everything we do. If the prospect of incorporating future tech trends into your business seems overwhelming to you, book your free one-hour consultation with our tech-savvy developers today.

Fill out the form to receive a full 1-hour FREE consultation, either in person or it can be arranged remotely, our brand specialists are always eager to help you stay up to date with the current Tech trends.

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