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Live Chat vs Chatbots

Live chat VS Chatbots

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Your business must have the latest communicating tools in place to breach the gap between your business and your potential customers. Ever-evolving technology leads to the development of Live Chat and Chatbots; This changed the way businesses interacts with clients forever!


Live Chat is simply a tool you can implement into your website to assist customers with any queries that they may have. It is also a smart way to generate leads. Moreover, it gives you valuable customer insight because you get to engage with clients in real-time.


You might argue that phone calls or emails can also be responded to instantly. Live Chat is more valuable than these traditional communicating methods because you are not just communicating with customers; you are also able to view website visitors.


Live chat can drive potential customers further down the sales funnel if appropriately implemented. On the other hand; if you manage live chat poorly, it will lead to bad customer service.


Chatbots Magazine describes chatbots to be “a computer program powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) that allows you to interact with the customers via a chat interface.” Sophisticated chatbots are the next generation of intelligent technology.


Chatbots are very reliable and are naturally very responsive. Chatbots gives computer-generated answers to assist customers with frequently asked questions. This offers businesses the opportunity to build their brand without human interaction.


There are some limitations to the responses chatbots can give; however, some chatbots are intelligent enough to answer over and above what they were thought to say.


Contrary to popular belief, chatbots and live chats complement each other. Both of these tools have significant benefits, making it difficult to decide which one you want to implement into your website.


In this blog, we are going to compare live chats to chatbots to help you decide which one will fit into your website best.


Live Chat: Chatbots:
Response time: Live Chat has the potential to respond to customers immediately. However, Live Chats are subject to human frailty and response times may therefore differ. Chatbots respond to clients instantly, because they are programmed to generate answers swiftly; giving feedback to the customers within seconds.
Cost efficiency: Live Chat is more economical than phone support. It reduces operating costs. Customers are more likely to return to your website if you offer Live Chat, because it is a cheap communicating method. Chatbots reduces operational costs. Because you don’t need to hire and train customer service agents, you save valuable time and money as well. One chatbot can serve up to 1000 customers and is cheap to install.
Human touch: Live Chat is conversational and personalized. A human agent can answer technical questions in real-time. A service agent is also able to answer questions with extreme accuracy. It is more difficult to add a humanized touch with chatbots. Sometimes Chatbots doesn’t understand complex queries which results in more confusion and unsatisfied customers.
Customer satisfaction: In dealing with customers, it is essential to keep language simple. Interacting with customers on their level will result in their satisfaction. Live chats communicate with clients on a personal level and have the ability to convey emotions like empathy, when necessary; this makes customers feel valued. Chatbots offer 24/7 assistance to support customers at any time. Being available whenever your customers need assistance will result in more loyal customers. Unfortunately, Chatbots can sometimes fail to understand customers, resulting in poor customer experience.
Spelling errors:  When there is a real human being behind a Live Chat system, they can easily interpret your questions, even if some spelling errors occur in your inquiry. Making spelling mistakes can easily confuse Chatbots; resulting in inaccurate answers and confused customers.


In conclusion, using Live Chat and Chatbots together will result in maximized efficiency. Blending automation and human touch together will deliver a better customer experience.


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