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More marketing channels are available in 2019 than ever before. Choosing a useful marketing tool isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Traditional ways of advertising via TV and radio have proven to be very expensive, and advertising on social media platforms comes with its challenges.


Implementing bulk SMS systems into marketing has become one of the most effective ways to reach a targeted audience.


It is statistically proven that 98% of SMS’s gets opened within the first three minutes of its delivery to mobile devices.  Sending regular SMS’s improves conversion rates with 40%.


Sending SMS’s is an extremely effective marketing strategy. It is a cost-effective way to reach, not only existing clients but also prospective clients.


People are more prone to open SMS’s than they are to open emails. Emails are likely to fall straight into the spam folder, whereas texts get directly delivered to the mobile devices of your targeted audience.


SMS’s are the perfect system to use to get an urgent message across; it delivers your message to your customers instantly. Therefore, it is the ideal method to use when initiating communication immediately.


You can use SMS systems to communicate to your target audience, even if they are out of reach of WIFI because SMS’s can still be received also if there is no internet access. Furthermore, you can reach people who don’t own smartphones, which can potentially increase your audience. SMS’s are automatically readable on all mobile devices, and there is no need to download specific messaging apps. Therefore, you can reach anyone with a bulk SMS system.


Another effective way to grab your target market’s attention is through voice ads. Audio clips, call back tones and interactive response are all examples of voice advertisements. Voice ads are used to get as quick message across.


You can increase engagement through voice platforms. The listener can be enabled to directly switch over to a call center or friendly assistant by the click of a button. Different call to action buttons can be set up, such as: “request assistance.”


Making use of a voice platform can ultimately improve the relationship between your company and its target market; It creates a deeper brand connection with clients.


View this *brochure* for more information on how Pixel Perfect Interactive can assist you in setting up SMS and voice platforms.


With our help you can start using bulk SMS and voice systems today to reach 1000’s of potential and existing customers.

Fill out the form to receive a full 1-hour FREE consultation, either in person or it can be arranged remotely, our brand specialists are always eager to help set up your SMS & Voice services.

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