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The Importance Of SEO

The importance of SEO

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Don’t miss out on our SEO special.


We know that Search Engine Optimization is vital to increase the organic ranking of your website on search engines. Therefore, Pixel Perfect Interactive is offering our Search Engine Optimization services to you. For one month only, we will optimize your website at the special price of R1 450.00


Not sure this offer is for you? Continue reading to discover the fantastic benefits of having Search Engine Optimization strategies implemented on your website.


Search Engine Optimization increases the amount of website traffic you will receive. To increase website traffic, strategies needs to be implemented to increase the visibility of your website through organic search engine results.


Before submitting your website to search engines we ensure that efficient keywords are used. At Pixel Perfect, we use On-Page Optimization strategies. We also guarantee better keyword rankings, based on the keyword research we have done. Improving the content of your website will increase its organic search ranking on search engine platforms like Google, Bing, and Yahoo.


To provide more traffic to your website, we strive to increase the number of inbound links and also the quality thereof. Building links is of utmost importance because links are used as signals to show google that your website is one of high quality. Google uses links as it’s a top-ranking factor, which means that high-quality links will directly affect the Search Engine Optimization of your website.


At Pixel Perfect Interactive, we use sitemaps to organize your website for the search engines. Having sitemaps enhances the ranking of your website; this leads to improved Search Engine Optimization. Google does not just rank websites; it ranks webpages as well. Therefore, we highly recommend sitemaps because google will find your site’s pages easier.


If there are pages on your website that you don’t wish to be ‘crawled,’ a robots.txt file needs to be implemented. If a robots.txt file is used correctly, it can also enhance your Search Engine Optimization.


Indexing is when web pages are added to Google search. Google crawls and indexes your webpages based on the meta tag you are using (index or NO-index). Indexing your web pages is the most important thing to do to improve your Search Engine Optimization. Search engines like Google and Bing cannot read a website if it is not indexed. At Pixel Perfect Interactive, we assist you with indexing your new or existing website in a way that will improve its organic ranking on Google.


The techniques mentioned above need to be trailed and tested regularly to enhance the Search Engine Optimization of your website. The most successful sites are the ones that periodically engage with creative SEO experiments.


At Pixel Perfect Interactive, we believe that every website is unique; therefore, different SEO strategies need to be implemented for every one of them.


Your website can thrive, with the help of Pixel Perfect Interactive’s SEO specialists.

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