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Effective Brand Management

Effective Brand Management

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Brand management is the term used for building and managing a type of service or product. It consists of identifying factors unique to your business, such as your company name, -logo, specific designs, and symbols. Consistency is vital if you want to manage your brand successfully. Creating a repetitive brand allows consumers to familiarise themselves with the feel and personality of your business. When you create a face for your business, brand value gets added to it.


It is not easy to manage a brand that is consistent over a long period. Branding guidelines are not just vital for big corporate companies; it is crucial for small businesses just starting up as well. Branding guidelines and rules need to be implemented for a consistent identity to be maintained.


If you strive to develop brand consistency, consider developing a brand style guide. The primary function of a brand style guide is to be a reference and guide for how your business gets displayed publicly. It makes it easy for employees and partners to promote the brand consistently. A brand style guide outlines basic rules in numerous different areas; this can range from allowable typefaces, color palettes, and the company logo, to the tone in which content is written and the emotion connected to the brand.


Businesses with recognisable and reliable brands are seen as ones that take pride in their uniqueness. There are many compelling reasons to have a brand style guide; here are some of them.


  1. Recognisability:
    To build a relationship between your brand and its customers, it needs to be recognisable. Your product needs to stand out between its competitors. Adhering to a brand style guide will result in your brand being distinguishable. Ultimately you want your target audience to be familiar with your brand. It may take some time, but with a practical brand style guide in place, you can become one of the most recognisable companies in your respective industry.


  1. Value-added to your company:
    A cohesive identity increases the value of your brand. Your brand will appear more professional and be more reliable, making it easier for your target audience to put their trust in the products or services you have to offer. Brand style guides will make it possible for you to maintain your brand’s image, adding to the quality and integrity thereof.


  1. Sets brand standards and rules:
    The brand style guide is formulated out of a set of rules on how to implement your brand’s visual elements. These rules typically focus on how to use the logo, how to space the logo, and how color and typography gets implemented. Having brand style guidelines will ensure that new employees understand the brand that they are portraying.


  1. Builds trust:
    The implementing of a style guide leads to brand consistency, and when a brand is consistent, it builds its audience’s trust. Customers tend to put their trust in businesses that portray confidence in their brand. A well-branded company has a sense of confidence that makes them unique to the industry they are competing in.


  1. Effective marketing:
    When brand style guides are implemented, advertising your product or services is more effective. When you are marketing a well-established brand, marketing becomes more fruitful. The budget set out for marketing purposes can be used more efficiently; this leads to higher quality marketing. When uniform marketing strategies are put in place, the money spent on advertisements will be well spent.


A brand style guide develops a consistent brand identity that is recognisable even if several different people design content for the brand. It is key to have a brand style guide because it consists of the guidelines for maintaining a unique brand. It is, therefore, crucial to spend the necessary time and money to establish the perfect brand style guide for your company.


Do you want an individualised brand style guide for your company? At Pixel Perfect Interactive we will design a personalised Brand Style Guide just for you!

Fill out the form to receive a full 1 hour FREE consultation, either in person or it can be arrange remotely, our brand specialist are always eager to chat about your brand and how you can improve it.

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