Why is a color in a design / website / printing not just a pretty color?

Why is a color in a design / website / printing not just a pretty color?

This is where the majority of people are wrong, very wrong.

Color’s play a vital role in how your audience view and perceive your design / website / print. It also defines how it makes them feel and the way they interpret your work. In other words, it helps to determine how effective and successful your website or designs will be. Here are the reasons why:



Intentionally or not, the colors you use will set the overall mood and feeling your website or design portrays. Here are a few examples:

A warm, strong color like red creates a feeling of strength, confidence and courage. Blue creates feelings of trust, loyalty and wisdom, whilst green (the color of nature), evokes a feeling of stability, harmony and safety.


Visual Effect

Using a combination of the right or wrong colors together, have a strong impact on the visual effect your website/design have on the viewer / reader. Use colors that are in harmony and complement each other as this is pleasing and appealing on the eye and keeps the viewer engaged. Using colors that clash with each other, or even worse, use too many colors, can potentially drive a client away very quickly.



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